Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you closed on Friday’s?

The Blackman and Flavin families devoutly followed the Catholic faith, many years ago you were not allowed to eat meat on Fridays. The Catholic Church changed its policy but we have maintained the tradition.

Why no fries?

Tradition, Blackie’s has never served fries, and for no real reason. Why not enjoy another dog?

Are your dogs cooked in PEANUT OIL?


What kind of hot dogs?

Our hot dogs are a custom recipe, made exclusively for Blackie’s by Martin Rosol's of New Britian, CT.

Are you for sale?

No, Blackie’s has been owned and operated by the Blackman and Flavin family since 1928; we plan on being around at least another eighty years.

Can I buy the relish?

Yes, in the store and here, on our website.

Is Blackie's available for private parties?

Absolutely! Just come in, or give us a call, and we'd love to arrange for your private event here at Blackie's.